July 19, 2009

5th Bike Meeting for the 242nd City Anniversary

This 5th Bike Meeting is a nice event to celebrate the 242nd anniversary of our city. Oh well, they could be less noisy! Humpfft!


*Kairi* said...

Hello my sweet Kimba!!! I met you today on the street. I am the chinese girl that was playing with you, and that you almost ate my scarf. Just stop by to tell you that you are the CUTEST dog that I have ever met. And that I admire you a lot for doing your job taking care of your mommy very good! Hope we can meet each other many times from now on ok! take care and congrats for your new tricks! they are very good!!

Kimba said...

Oh, helloooo! Thanks! And you're the cutest Chinese girl I've ever met!
Love, Kimba.