January 25, 2010

My 2nd Birthday!

Last Sunday I turned 2! Yupi!
Am I an adult or just a teenager now? Strange that I feel as if I were the same little boy that I was before last Sunday.

Well, this time I had NO party, cake, balloons... but presents, YES! Mom and Dad gave me two new little buddies. Let me show you our 1st meeting.

We had planned to visit the Kennel where I was born as we did on my 1st B'day. Sadly, we had to cancel our visit due to the rain and then we just stayed home. Sniff...

I want to share a special B'day video that my cousin Simon made for me. Look how smart and gorgeous Simon is! Words cannot explain how surprised and moved we are!

My cousins Augie and Ti mailed me a present. Yupi! I am waiting for the Post man...

January 24, 2010

Good memories of my 1st Birthday!

Last year, when I turned 1 year old, I didn't have a blog yet. So, in short words, let me tell you how fun it was.
  • I had a special party with a rice cake, balloons and many cool toys as presents. Yupi!

  • We, for the 1st time since I left there, visited the kennel where I was born. I could meet one of my sis and some relatives. Mom was not there. BUA!

  • I got a special B'day present from my cousins Augie and Ti. They never forget me! I love them!

My 1st B'day was really fun! Don't you think? Soon Mom'll be posting about my 2nd B'day!

January 15, 2010

Chinese Girl & Hubby

Oct 24th - I went to see my friend "Chinese Girl" get married...

... Dec 26th - guess who gets presents?

January 13, 2010

January 5, 2010

The Kennel where I was born

Yupi! Golden Sunset Kennel has a new website.
And guess what! There are pictures of my siblings Pandora, Isadora, Sol and MANY OF MYSELF! Oh, how much I miss them! What about my other siblings? Where are they? Humpftt!
My beautiful mom Lua! Some people say I really look like her. What do you think? I think so.