September 13, 2009

Plan "B" for Rainy Days

What do I do when I really cannot go out because of the rain? Finally Dad finished making the video so that I can share it with you:


Elizabeth said...

Oh Kimba, you are just too cute! Looks like you had fun playing in the garage!

Elizabeth & Luna

Kelly chinese said...

Sweet Kimba, you are not the only one who gets bored when it's raining! We also get sooo bored!! But I'm sure you had fun in the garage with your mom and dad! hugs

Miley said...

Hi Kimba!!! Great idea, playing in the garage!! Gonna have to remember that when the raindrops come to my house!!!

lotsa licks,

Farley said...

Thank heaven for Mom's and Plan B! That looks like a nice place to run :)