November 5, 2009


I’m stopping by just to say Hi!

Mom and I are sad. Unfortunately Dragon didn’t work well, so Mom has not been able to keep my blog up do date nor comment on my friend’s blog, YT channels... Snifff… But, hey, we do keep following and enjoying your posts!

For now, I'll share a few pics of me. Can you see that I am fine?


Miley said...

Hi Kimba, you are beautiful and I'm so glad you are doing well!!!

lotsa licks,

Simon said...

Hi Kimba buddy!
Nice to hear from you again and happy to see you're looking good.
Cousin Simon

Thor said...

Olá Kimba!
Estou tão feliz de ouvir você, meu amigo! Você está muito bonito naquelas fotos!

Farley said...

Kimba - it is so good to see you, we've missed you! I'm sorry your Mom's software didn't work out. I sure wish it would have. Take care! Farley

Dino and Family said...

I definitely missed you and your mommy! You are looking great and thanks for letting us know. Please kiss your mommy for me. Love, Dino

Sophie Lou said...

I'm so glad you checked back in! You're looking great!

Honey the Great Dane said...

HI Kimba,

Great to hear from you! I know it is difficult for your human to use the computer and type a lot so don't worry - I'm sure everyone is just happy to see photos of you from time to time!

Honey the Great Dane

Sam said...

I'm sorry the software didn't work out! The photos are wonderful! Come on over to visit anytime.


Farley said...

So good to see your handsome face Kimba!