April 26, 2010

Kimba and the three musketeers

Oh, boy! Actually, 4 golden BOYS! Mom said it was interesting to see the dominance thing among us. There were some #@^& moments, but Dad captured only one. Mom and Dad think 31-month-old Huck is the most dominant, the 2nd is his 8-month-old brother Johnny, the 3rd is my little 5-month-old friend Jobim and I am the less dominant. Maybe it's because I am the only one who is neutered in this group?


Sónia Meirinho said...

Todos lindos!!! Adoro o pêlo comprido!! A minha vai ficar com ele mais curtinho, nota-se que não é grande como o do Kimba por exemplo!! Mas também está a ficar linda!!!! Ela agora também tem imensos amigos e brincam imenso!! Adoro ver, fico todinha derretida!! hihi
Beijinhos enormes para voces!!!!!

Thor said...

Olá Kimba! A Caminhada Paulistana aconteceu próximo a Cidade Universitária! Foi maravilhoso! Não consegui assistir o vídeo. Tentarei mais tarde.
Tenha um ótimo dia!
Thor xx

Sam said...

I think Kimba is just trying to be the nice dog out of the bunch! I do think it does make a difference that he is neutered and the others aren't! Hope you still had lots of fun.


Dino and Family said...

What a fun video! I hope you get to play often with the three musketeers! Love, Dino